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Innovation - our motto for more than 80 years

Reederei Jaegers owes its origin to Josef Jaegers, who established the Jaegers shipping company in Frankfurt.

The company’s expansion led to a relocation of the business activities in the early 1930s.

Until 1963, the company converts its fleet into tanker operation and then makes its name as a chemicals specialist during the sixties.

Jaegers, now an associate of Stinnes-Beteiligungsgesellschaft, expands its transport capacity - to as much as 33,000 tons by 1991.

The shipping company is returned to family-ownership and takes over the complete Stinnes tanker fleet. Today the shipping company is owned by the families Jaegers und Valentin.

Conversion of TMS „Eiltank 16“ and „Eiltank 18“ to double-hull vessels, with TMS „Eiltank 18“ employed as a type C vessel.

A new chapter in innovative inland navigation is begun with the launch of the special vessel „Ursula Valentin“: a transport temperature of 220°C can be maintained all the way from loading to unloading.

Related to the acquisition of the tanker division of SRN-Alpina and the Beckmann vessels, Jaegers owns a fleet of more than 130 vessels by the end of the year 2000.

TMS "Josef Jaegers" is converted to the first mega-tanker running under German flag with a total length of 135 m. To meet our customers’ requirements we now operate 16 double-hull and 6 special vessels. Later this year another two 110 m double-hull vessels will be added to the fleet; more ships are in process of planning.

From Royal Vopak, Rotterdam, the Jaegers Group acquires the shares of Chemgas, Rotterdam, in December. Combined with the gas tankers of CFT-Gaz, a joint venture between the French CFT and Chemgas, the fleet of the Jaegers Group now increases to 170 vessels. This makes it market leader for inland tanker shipping in Europe. The takeover of Chemgas also marks the entry into ocean shipping, which is rigorously expanded over the years to follow.